13 Sifogianni, 11524 Athens Greece +30. 210 6990290
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We are a team of people with a wide variety of knowledge and specializations. With a strong background in areas such as marketing, branding, styling, sales and finance, we are united by common love and vision for Greek Tradition and Heritage. We aspire to share and export wonderful products of the Greek Land that reflect the Greek cultural values through a contemporary prism that focuses on quality and aesthetics. 

Our philosophy is consisted of simple but essential truths: Quality, High Nutrient Value, Honesty, Organic Growing Methods, and Feeling as much Close-to-Nature as possible! We are inspired By the sun’s warm caress and the earth’s robust scent after the rainfall The distinctive greens of the olive orchards, And the blue hues of our seas. Our products are an invitation to a voyage for the senses. They are our “children”, growing naturally from the Greek land Feeding of earth, rain and sun, Under our protective care. And they grow full they will be sent to the ends of the world. Evident of their qualities and origin That may satisfy Even the most demanding pallet!

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