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Agia Barvara, Heraklion - Creta TK 70003 - Greece 6976137468 ellisafarm@gmail.com
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Olive Oil from our family roots, to your family table

    We are Elli & Myron from Agia Varvara, Iraklion – Crete.

Our family’s gifted us an authentic Virgin Olive Oil comes from the climatological and ground earth features,

that considered to be the finest quality of the Crete. Our area is the centre of island and has a long tradition

in the production of the agricultural products. Our authentic extra olive oil is deep green in colour,

which is raw and once only available thru and turn of the century. Produced in limited quantity.



   We cultivate our land in accordance with the right crop methods that exclude the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides, etc.

We at Ellis-Farm have understood that the only way to show gratitude to our land is to respect the ecological balance

by letting the nature work with its own rules.



     Harvesting occurs when the fruit is in the upper stage of bringing natural flavors and hygienic ingredients together

(polyphenols, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, oleocanth, etc.).

This happens in November, when the fruit is nearly unripe.

When the fruit matures, it produces more olive oil but it has lost a great deal

of the perfume and hygienic ingredients that we ask for.

So we get less amount but the one we get is the highest quality .. !!!!



    The standardization is made in a special colored glass bottle which is the most suitable material

for the packaging of olive oil and for the protection from light that alters the oil.

The standardization unit has all the credential for the quality assurance (HACCP ISO).

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