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Pissonas, Euvoia 34018, Greece E: info@manitariadirfis.gr E: sales@manitaropolio.gr https://www.manitaropolio.gr
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A dedication to the science of agronomy and especially to the field of agricultural mycology, the non-negotiable quality of our products and our overall activities, our enthusiasm, zest and love for this job are just some of the values that distinguish us. Together with a group of 15 people, we work with the same eagerness to provide mushrooms, carrying out every day a work of high standards.

To be more precise, the specific quality objectives of our company are:

  • Constant development and improvement of our business performance.
  • Maximizing our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Research and acquiring knowledge on mushrooms in collaboration with university foundations.
  • Offering to final consumers a range of products with a high gastronomic but also bioactive and functional value.
  • Constant development and training provided for our executives and our partners-producers.
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