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Mystique Food Company is our small family company. It is consisted from our organic hives and farms and is created recently with the hope of giving an alternative choice to the old industrial model of foods, which dominates in the retail and wholesale.

We aim at producing organic product utilizing only natural procedures and no chemicals at all. We have also minded that our farms and hives are not nearby areas with polluted environment. In this way we ensure that our products are completely free from unhealthy elements and are produced naturally, just for you.

It is our belief that the modern ‘’organic’’ industry of foods does not offer you what it claims: organic products. Choosing health instead of profit, we work with delight so that we can give you real organic food. Considering the fact that both the ingredients and our co-producers are carefully chosen, we can produce a variety of foods that are checked from us directly.

Wouldn’t you prefer to purchase a product which will offer you moments of tasting pleasure and satisfaction? That’s what we want to give you! So our own hands harvest, collect, produce and package everything.

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