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Our oregano grows within our groves in Mani, under the shade and the protection of the olive trees, in admirable harmony with them. A bush that reaches 60cm in height, with a delicious aroma that scents this special part of Laconian Mani. We watch it grow, draw juices from the land that nourishes it and the olive trees that envelop it. We pick it by hand and we pack it keeping intact its special characteristics, the unique fragrance and its little ‘miraculous’ properties. Try using ena ena Oregano from Mani’ as a herb in the kitchen as meats, salads, pies and vegetables take on a special flavour with a sprinkle of oregano, leaving it for when cooking is finished – the high temperature will alter its taste and make it bitter. Alternatively, use it in a cup as an aromatic tea with hot or cold water, adding a little honey if desired.

Hippocrates mentioned oregano for its soothing effect on stomach disorders but also for complaints in the respiratory system. According to doctors of botanical medicine, in the form of tea before or after each meal it combats flatulence and digestive problems due to swallowed air. It helps with muscle pain, lung illnesses and it is especially beneficial in chronic bronchitis. Its antiseptic property also helps with asthma.

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