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On the blessed island of Andros, thyme, humble and special, grows everywhere, on the dry slopes and on the mountain tops. In the olive groves of Hellenic Fields, as part of enriching biodiversity, we let it coexist scattered around, giving a strong aroma and nutritional value to the earth it draws nutrients from. ena ena Thyme from Andros’ is picked by hand, dried with completely natural methods without spoiling any of its special characteristics, it is packed and sold to give flavour to any dish but also to impart its special properties. Try it with red sauces, mixed with oregano when preparing poultry, with grilled meats and vegetables.

The Roman soldiers bathed in thyme perfumed water to draw vigour and energy, while in the Middle Ages the women embroidered thyme branches and gave them to wandering knights for the same reason. Later, thyme proved its antiseptic action as its essential oil is 25 times more antiseptic than Phenol, oxygenated water (hydrogen peroxide) and Potassium permanganate.

Today we know that thyme helps greatly in the digestion of fatty and rich foods. It invigorates and stimulates, which makes it suitable for stress, several neurological conditions, depression and also migraine. It also fortifies the nerves and it is considered a must for people suffering from low blood pressure and for anaemic children. It is an antiseptic and an antiviral herb and for this reason it is recommended for intestinal infections, fungi etc. It induces perspiration, so it regulates secretions in cases of the flu, runny nose and head colds. It can also be taken as a preventive antibiotic during flu epidemics. Finally, it is a mild sedative.

The above information is indicative and it does not constitute a medical prescription.


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