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Our awarded Lemon Verbena for 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2016!

Lemon Verbena was brought to Europe by the Spanish from Argentina and Chile in the late 17th century. In Greece it found a very suitable climate where it flourished and became very wide spread.

Lemon verbena gives a lemony fragrance wherever it is used and is an ideal seasoning for fish, poultry, salads, soups and marinades. We can also add it in various desserts and to make refreshing sorbets, ice creams, fruit salads and drinks. Finally we can use it in a variety of infusions instead of lemons or use it, either by itself or with some milk or honey.

Traditional Properties
Traditionally lemon verbena is used as a beverage against indigestion, stomach ache, diarrhoea, and colitis. It can also help when we suffer from migraines or bad breath. It is an excellent sedative also it has antioxidant properties, something that, when combined with its fine lemony taste, makes a fine beverage for the night. Lemon verbena it is diuretic, making it a valuable ally for those suffering from kidney stones or from water retention leading to cellulite. When combined with exercise and a proper diet it can help in weight loss, however, we must be careful not to have more than two cups a day and to stop taking it for two weeks after two weeks of use and it’s best that we don’t take it for more than eight weeks in a year.

It should be avoided altogether during pregnancy and by those who suffer from hypotension.

“Table 5: A beautiful looking dry leaf, so very well presented, undamaged and perfect in every way. Once steeping the leaves almost come back to life and become a vibrant green. A great colour once poured too. The poured aroma is crisp, clean and shouting verbena, it’s like summer in a cup; we love the instant sharp start followed by the mellow leaf finish ; the citrus bursts come in under the herbal notes and balance very well on the finish.

Table 1: This tastes like you would want to be able to make with your own lemon verbena from the garden. It would be lovely in the summer as well. How could you better this? It is pure and honest and has been done with care.”

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