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Casteli – Eleones Messinias

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Unfiltered Monovarietal Olive Oil

“…unfiltered, monovarietal olive oils with low acidity levels and a rich but smooth taste… “

ELEONES MESSINIAS specializes in producing products of superior quality, taste, and aesthetics that are derived from olives. Offering two retail product lines Gourmet and Selection we are allowing the retailer to define the optimum product mix; the idea is that the Gourmet line will “carry the brand” and the Selection line will “do the volume”.

The products for those two lines are PotamiaCasteliRafail and Milia – all of them with different characteristics and price points. Products already offered to demanding countries markets such as  USA (e.g Williams Sonoma), Switzerland (e.g. Jelmoli, Globus), Germany (e.g. Galleria Kaufhof), Finland (e.g. Stockmann).

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