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Chef’s exclusive is an ideal Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil suitable for all gourmet cuisines as it presents perfectly balanced bitterness and fruitiness taste thanks to the combination of two different varieties, Koroneiki and Botsikoelia. Botsikoelia is a very rare olive variety only found in the region of Ancient Olympia which, in the right proportion, gives the olive oil a nice balance and various aromas It is addressed to professional food experts who want to display unique gourmet flavors in their dishes. An amazing finishing for a gourmet starter, main course or dessert.

After tasting this EVOO, you will be impressed by its harmonious composition. Chef’s Edition offers uniquely combined flavors and aromas such as fresh herbs, tomato leaves and raw artichoke heart. Get ready for a nice, intense peppery aftertaste as well.

Finishing with even a few drops of Mythocia Chef’s Exclusive will bring a dish to a completely different level. Show the love you that you put into each recipe by making a great first impression with that key last ingredient. Chef’s Exclusive can be a perfect addition to salads, grilled chicken and other white meat, lamb, sauteed vegetables, soups, and of course, pasta. Dip your favorite bread or add to red wine vinaigrette, bitter greens, corn salad, spicy fish dishes and slow-roasted meat such as lamb shanks.

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