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Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Cold Pressed & Unfiltered 100ml- KONOS

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Based on the difference in maturity of the olives which are gathered, various types of olive oil are created. More specifically, when the olives are still green and as a result are still not quite ripe, the oil produced is a deep green color with intense fruity aromas and spicy notes, called green olive-oil of early harvest.

Within the following weeks the fruit ripens. The oil produced varies gradually. It acquires a golden-green color, it retains its fruity aroma and transforms the intense sour and spicy aromas into delicate tasty notes.

This golden-green “elixir of life” is stored in modern stainless-steel tanks, in a dark and cool environment, thus maintaining its quality for the following period. It is then bottled, unfiltered in this monitored environment.

  • 2017: Our first participation in the contest brought us a “golden” distinction.
    At the 2nd International Olive Oil Competition “Athena” our olive oil won a gold medal among 295 contestants and 92 different varieties of olives.
  • 2018: Silver distinction on Filaios – Olive Oil Society, in their contest “KOTINOS IOOC 2018”. We were 3rd in Robust Intensity of Fruitiness category.
  • Silver medal for our cold-pressed olive oil among 359 participants from 11 countries on “ATHENA IOOC 2018”.
  • Gold medal in “London IOOC 2018”. Gold medal in one of the largest olive oil competitions in Europe.


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