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It has been found that vetch seeds were stored in Santorini, at the prehistoric city of Akrotiri. This indicates that beans grown on the island since the Bronze Age, over 3600 years.

The Santorini’s fava which is already recognized by the early 20th century, is unbeatable, as it comes from another species of plant of the legume family, the Lathyrus clymenum. The particular soils of the island – the pumice -, as well as the climatic conditions and lack of water helped to create a unique product. The fava from Santorini, joined the list of PDO products European Union as the 87th Greek product, in 2011.

The “fava” can be cooked pure, freshly brewed just with its perfumes, married (with onion), also with pork, with bacon and tomato paste, as well as with capers. Soup with fava, Rice with fava, omelette and fava meatballs are also some recipes based on fava.

The fava has helped significantly in promoting local production. It is no coincidence that in 2008, 96 hectares were cultivated by 113 farmers and in 2013 over 200 hectares were cultivated by more than 300 producers. Even if the production is small (800kg per hectare), the interest of producers for the cultivation of fava is increasing.

The harvest of fava take place the first days of May. In order to dehydrate the seeds we store them for about 10-12 months. Then the seeds are passing through various sieves, which will distinguish them from undesirable materials (small woods, large and small stones and pumice). Then we take them to the mill, which consists of stones (emery from Naxos), where it will break and the seed will be separated from the peel. Then through finer sieves will take fava free from the peel. And finally a special color sorting give us the pure fava beans.


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