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The small cherry tomato of Santorini is a special agricultural product with particular story. The cherry tomato was brought by captains from Santorini, while they were carrying Santorini’s earth for the needs of the Suez Canal. The cherry tomato, found in Santorini’s earth the ideal anhydrous environment to grow. In the early 20th century, Santorini’s cherry tomato was the main export product of the island. Ten local factories were developed, producing tomato paste. From 1200 hectares, the production of tomatoes was approaching the 7,000 tons . Some of the factories of this period are still in Vlychada, Vothonas and Monolithos. This small development industry was destroyed by the earthquake in 1956, as well as from the competition of the industrial tomato (the traditional way of tomato cultivation gives about 500 pounds per acre when the industrial gives 3-15 tonnes). Traditionally people from Santorini dried cherry tomatoes in the sun in order to keep them for winter time.

By cherry tomato it is made the unique tomato paste, delicious fresh salads and the famous tomato balls. Spoon sweet cherry tomato and jam are also delicious recipes. The cherry tomato of Santorini is also unique because it is 30% more concentrated than the industrial tomato.

The Cherry Tomato comes from the variety Lycopersicon esculentum Mil (Solanaceae family).

It is grown in Santorini since 1875. The European Commission has included the cherry tomato of Santorini in the European list of PDO products (PDO) in December 2013.

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