Lemon Verbena – Evonymon

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The plant emits a lemon odour and the leaves have an intense lemon taste. For this reason, it is used to add lemon flavour to fish, marinades, sauces, yogurt, dressings, jams etc. It is said tο exhibit antioxidant properties. Traditionally the tea was used for agitation and trouble in sleeping (insomnia).

Do not crush your herbs, but rather store them as whole. Crush them if needed right before using.

Available in a tin box of 12 g.

Herbal tea
To prepare one cup: add 2 to 3 leaves in about 150 ml οf hot water. Cover and let stand for a few minutes (about 5 minutes are usually enough; it depends on how strong you want it!). Strain the tea into the cup. Enjoy it as it is or add ice cubes and enjoy it as a refreshment!

Add 1-2 leaves in other herbal teas to add lemon flavour!

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