Orange, Tangerine & smoked Bukovo Jam – Opos Palia

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This jam will take you by surprise! Two kinds of aromatic citrus fruit are treated to take away their bitterness, then hand-chopped to become a cool, flavoursome jam. Cool until the smoked bukovo is added. Then everything is transformed. Yellow, golden, bright colours are mixed up with fiery red while cool, bittersweet citrus flavours leave an almost spicy aftertaste. All that thanks to Almopia’s renowned smoked chilli peppers. This jam can harmoniously be paired up with meat, cheese, charcuterie, wine or beer. It can also be added to salads, used as a marinade or be spread on a cake, transforming it.

One hundred (100) grams of jam are made out of at least eighty-five (85) grams of fruit.

Orange, tangerine, sugar, smoked bukovo, fresh lemon juice

300 gr

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