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Nectar honey is collected from Arta valley until May. If weather conditions allow it, the first vintage can be made. Otherwise, they are transferred in Ramia, Graikiko, in Tzoumerka Mountains at an altitude about 600-700 meters, where the area has many wildflowers like cow vetch, Mediterranean Spurge, tussilago (coltsfoot), wild clover, rock roses, daisies and many others in small quantities. Afterwards, beehives are transferred to Ramia Mountains and in various areas of Tzoumerka Mountains and Xerovouni at an altitude of about 1000-1200 meters where they will remain during summer where they will gather oregano, tea, savory and various thistles and flowers.

This type of honey is harvested in spring, summer or autumn since there is rich flora and hundreds of plants species. This honey type is very delicious and quite aromatic since it is collected from the nectar of various flowers and it is usually fair in color. Nectar honey helps in the digestive function and in proper children development as it contains many trace elements.

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