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Nostimon Hemar BIO – Energaea

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We gave our top extra virgin olive oil a name that is reported in Homers odyssey as perhaps the most perfect creation of literature.

“Nostimon Hemar” is the sweet day, the day of the returning to home, to our beloved people. Odysseys wandered for 20 years before returning back to his beloved homeland.

We invite you to experience the pure and natural taste present in this traditional Greek olive oil.

“Nostimon Hemar” is a product of organic farming chosen from areas around Sparta – Lakonia! Early harvested and cold pressed production gives a low acidity olive oil, with high level of polyphenols! The blend of 3 varieties, Athinolia predominates, is giving it a unique flavor, medium bitter and tasteful characteristics.
As an exclusive premium product it is numbered as PGI Lakonia, certified by Agrocert.

Packed in unique ceramic bottles of 0,5 liters, the ideal way to maintain oil away of light, air and differentiation of heat provided by the special stoneware material.
Also available in 1lt tin cans for economy and 5lt for FOOD SERVICE on demand.

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