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From the approx. 11 million olive trees of Lesvos island, the 85% belongs to the “Kolovi” and “Adramytiani” variety. It’s important to note that Kolovi variety do not thrive in any other part of Greece.

Colovi variety is the variety of olives with the highest oil content (25%-29%) on its body, comparing with other greek olive varieties, thus our olives are extremelly tasteful and nutritional!

Nissos Greek Food olives of Mytilene are cultivated and harvested in a traditional way to ensure a top quality product.

The olives we process are gathered over the tree, picked & packaged by hand. As a result they are not injured and they reach intact on your table.

All our olives are packaged in mild brine, white vinegar and Virgin Olive oil of Mytilene.

Available packaging :
Glass JAR e200gr N.W.
TIN CAN e13kg N.W.

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