Rock Sampire – Nissos Greek Food

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Our Rock Sampire grows in full Greek sun, in the best conditions for this kind of plants!

Full of vitamin C, lots of minerals and dietary fibers, is considered a natural super-food.

Its cultivation is done without any pesticide use, while does not contain genetically modified organisms or allergens.

Is preserved with natural preservatives (salt, vinegar) and is manufactured with modern methods and under strict quality control, with the corresponding -based on Greek tradition- methods and recipes.

It’s unique taste and strong aroma makes it ideal for gourmet culinary creations. An..impessive ingredient for fresh salads, pasta, fish or meat plates!

Available packaging :

Glass jar e 212g. N.W.

Glass jar e 1.700g. N.W.

Plastic bag e 2.300g. N.W.

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