Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sapfo Limited Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Papadellis Olive Oil

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About the product

Sapfo Limited Edition Greek extra virgin olive oil 500 ml, from east Lesvos and specifically from Olive trees of Komi and Pigi.

Olive composition: 60% Adramitiani, 30% Kolovi, 10% Agrielia.

Yellow-golden olive oil with very low acidity, potent aroma and spicy flavor, fruity so it is perfect for vegetable salads and can enhance your roasts by adding it at the end of your cooking.


Awards Sapfo Limited Edition

NYIOOC Silver Award In Best Olive Oils Award
LONDON IOOC 2017 Multiple Awards in categories quality and presentation
OLYMP AWARDS 2017 Multiple Awards in categories quality, packaging and presentation
PANELAION 2017 Special Award For the product overall
A’DESIGN AWARD for design in Packaging category
GOLD TASTE AWARD 2017 in Taste and Quality


Certificates Sapfo Limited Edition

NYIOOC CERTIFICATE FOR SAPFO proving SAPFO is one of best Olive oils in the world for 2017
TERRAOLIVO 2017 Certificate for Gold award for Quality
LONDON IOOC GOLD 2017 in Quality
LONDON IOOC GOLD 2017 in Overall Presentation 

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