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Summer Tomatoes with Lentils – The Organic Lunchbox

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Organic Ready Meals In A Jar

“…a unique ready meal that tastes of summer… no artificial preservatives, additives or color, gluten free and organic…”

Our The Organic Lunchbox range features a series of gourmet ready meals, staring our exclusive, local, heirloom variety of tomatoes. Cooked from fresh in small batches using an old, traditional recipe, our ready meals are free from artificial additives, flavour enhancers, preservatives or concentrates. The tomatoes and vegetables are hand- picked fresh on the day, are washed, cut, mixed with the rice, lentils or chickpeas and placed raw, in layers, inside the jars. The meals are then sealed and placed in boiling water to cook. This method captures the fresh flavours and aromas of the ingredients and gives us a unique ready meal that tastes of summer.

No artificial preservatives, additives or colorsGluten free. Certified Organic.

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