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Our company, MENELAS BALDJIS VEKAP LTD, in one of the oldest and most experienced canneries in Greece, indeed in the whole Balkans area and it was established in 1910 by Menelas Baldjis.

He was the first Fig Producer/Packer and Exporter. The man who made Kalamata Figs, famous worldwide.

Our century old relationship with the local growers/farmers and our own privately held crops, put us in a unique position to guarantee that only the very best our region has to offer ends onto the table of the consumer.

This is a point we have always insisted on: Our final product is of the most superior quality.

Our company has been CERTIFIED with ISO 22000 and BRC.

These highly respected quality certificates, together with the world famous BRAND name of BALDJIS Ltd, guarantee that BALDJIS FOODS are the most tasteful and of the best quality.

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