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Tzavros - Corfu 49083 - GREECE +30 6944683599 info@drkavvadia.com
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Doctor Kavvadia was an orthopedic surgeon who lived in Corfu many years ago. His greatest passion was his ‘Lianoelia’ variety centenarian olive trees, and especially the olive oil he made from them. He believed the highest quality olive oil produced correctly is as good as medicine. He used unique methods, one of which was to extract the oil in a traditional press – he believed the use of heated water or a centrifuge would alter the quality of the olive oil.

Dr. Kavvadia always treated his olive grove with great respect, using only natural methods of farming. The doctor knew that a naturally farmed olive tree can be strong and healthy and produce the best quality of crops.

His grandson, Apostolos, inherited his recipes and makes olive oil in the same way his grandfather did, from the very same trees. Today all of Dr. Kavvadia olive groves are organically certified, farmed in the most natural way, letting the well-balanced ecosystem of the grove work together with the farmers, in order to deliver the highest quality olive oil. As there are no traditional presses left in Corfu, he has collaborated with the convent of Kamarela in Agioi Douli village in the north. The nuns of Kamarela are conscious pioneers in organic agriculture, having the only organically certified hydraulic press on the island.

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