Evia Apiculture

Νέα Στύρα - Εύβοια ΤΚ 34015 - ΕΛΛΑΔΑ 697 615 9110 tdedevesis@yahoo.gr
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Evia Apiculture is a small family business situated in the village of Nea Styra in the south of Evia island. We are nomad bee keepers, which means we move our apiaries all over Greece’s second largest island in search of the best food for our honey bees. This way we are able to produce several varieties of raw and unprocessed honey.

Wild Sage honey, Thyme honey, Chestnut honey, Pine honey, Fir honey, Heather honey and Arbutus honey are our main targets. Honey production varies from year to year as it depends on several factors like weather which plays a significant role in our business. All our honeys are free of additives and have no preservatives or medicines. We use proper apicultural methods so our products are pure and exceed all the quality standards. Availability is limited and there are years that a certain variety of honey might not be harvested giving priority to the needs of our colonies. Respect to this magnificent animal called Apis Melifera is what bee keeping is all about after all.

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