Joice Foods

ΒΙ.ΠΕ Σίνδου Ο.Τ. 39Α ΔΑ11 - Θεσσαλονίκη ΤΚ 57022 - ΕΛΛΑΔΑ 2310 365 443
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The «Old Bakery» started creating pure and delicious products in 1890.

At present, the 5th generation go Mr. Konstantinidis,

continues with the same values to offer products of high quality but also to create new ones, according to the contemporary nutritious demands.

In 2015, an investment group, expressed its interest in the commercial growth of the «Old Bakery»,

that concluded at first stage, in executive research on the marketplace and the margin of product development. 

The birth of Joice Foods is the capping stone of this cooperation, which resulted after finalising the research stage,

in the creation of the new production unit.

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