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Agourelaio – Early Harvest Special Edition “Black” – Ritual Bloom

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Seize the moment as it does not last for long… Agourelaion maintains its highly evaluated properties until late May to early June and is produced in strictly limited quantities.

Ritual Bloom’s introduces its finest series of “Agourelaion” in its new anniversary Black Gift Box edition of 500ml. A unique proposal for a special Christmas gift for extravagant occasions…

Superior category Early Harvest Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from unripe olives, early harvested and solely by mechanical means. Cold extracted from Koroneiki and Athinolia varieties, produced entirely by hand.

  • Limited production
  • A comprehensive and alternative gift proposition
  • Unique personal or corporate gift with the flavors and colors of Greece
  • Differentiate yourself and offer your friends and associates a unique gastronomic pleasure
  • Luxury design with modern minimal aesthetics, based on Ritual Bloom trademarked brand
  • Top-notch materials used, all custom ordered and manufactured for this product: thick bottom crystal glass bottle, wooden closure with accurate pourer, private organic olive oil reserve from historic Sparta and black hard-cover gold-printed gift- box

One of the most certified extra virgin olive oils worldwide: company and manufacturing facilities certified with ISO 9001 & ISO 22000. Processes and product certified Kosher form the Rabbi of Athens, USDA & EU Organic and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Lakonia, Sparta

The Early Harvest Special Edition Premium Organic extra virgin olive oil is more than just an excellent olive oil. It is produced by raw olive fruits, harvested early-on in the harvesting season, concealing a taste of spicy bitterness, aroma of fresh grass and early harvested unripe olives, all served in a remarkable green-colored fresh juice. “Omfakio” as ancient Greeks used to call it…

Agourelaion is produced earlier in the harvesting season than conventional olive oil, when olive fruit is still unripe and has special characteristics and beneficial properties:

  • brilliant green color due to chlorophylls
  • higher antioxidant qualities than regular olive oil
  • contains vitamins, pro-vitamins and metals in higher concentration than conventional olive oil
  • contains a higher concentration of polyphenols, which have high antioxidant properties

Weight: 1.52kg

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