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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Eteo

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Eteo is devoted to the pursuit of design beauty and superior olive oil quality, creating products of excellence. Thrived in rich tradition with our family history of superior olive oil production, eteo is synonymous with quality and luxury.

Our inspiration has its origins in one of the most ‘genuine’ eras of antiquity – ever since Homer, the greatest poet of all, ushered-in the word ”eteo” to describe the native, the authentic, the genuine inhabitants of the island of Crete, the Genuine Cretans: The Eteocretans.

The shape of our bottle – that of a perfect drop – embodies both, Genuineness and Elegancy. Two genuine elements – porcelain and olive wood, both handmade, are borrowed from Mother Earth and brought into harmony with one another, creating the “perfect   drop – like” shape of our bottle.

The harvesting and milling of our olives is performed with much devotion and respect – devotion during the harvest that allows the retention of the healthy properties of our high – quality olives, and respect during the milling process that ensures that our organic extra virgin olive oil is of premium quality.

Region: Crete.

Notes: An incredible pleasant and fruity taste with biter and pungent notes.

Variety: Koroneiki

Characteristics:  (2016 harvest) Acidity 0.3%, K268 = 0.11, K232 = 1.63, AK -0.004, Peroxide Value 8,3, Phenolic Compounds = 263.

Process: The éteo olives are carefully collected and taken within hours of picking to an extremely delicate cold pressing milling process, done under strict temperature conditions. The Olive Oil is soft-filtered with paper filters and kept in oxygen-free containers to rest.  Each bottle is protected in vacuum with a special food-bag, keeping the Olive Oil totally oxygen-free until the special moment it is opened for consumption. Protecting the surroundings in the extreme case of breakage of the porcelain recipient, this vacuum protection makes it extremely safe to carry or travel with. Its luxury box with golden printing has includes an extra protection paper-case lining its inside.

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