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Λίγα λόγια για το προϊόν

Since ancient times is believed that rose essence is gods’ perfume. According to the legend, rose is the flower that symbolizes love and romance since it was grown by the tears Aphrodite shed for Adonis.
Roses are beneficiary for «skin and soul» according to the dictum. Roses ethereal oil is one of the most important ethereal oil in perfumery (mainly female), whereas 95% of the oil is used.

Rose oil includes approximately 300 chemical components. That is why is widely applied and used not only in perfumery but in pharmaceutics, since it has anti-depressing energizer, tonics, healing, aphrodisiac and anti-bacterial effects, is used as kidney and blood tonic and aids stres’’ reduction. It helps aged, lined and wrinkled skin, red spots or eczema. It is considered one of the best components for skins’ reconstruction. Massage in combination with almond oil (in dilution) smoothes from mouth ulcer and mouth infections, chronic bronchitis, cardiac arrhythmia, digestive system disorder, sexual deceases (inability, coolness etc). It is also used as space perfume offering a sweat and pleasant essence in the atmosphere after warming up a few drops of the ethereal oil in a special ceramic device.

It has no side effects and should be used correctly dissolved with another plant oil or cream.

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