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Organic Grape syrup – Kontogiannis Family

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From our family’s vineyards three different indigenous grape varieties (mavroudi, savvatiano, roditis) contribute their aromas and distinctive characteristics to this delicacy. Grape syrup is a healthy sweetener that was produced in Mediterranean countries for hundreds of years. You may use it in both sweet and savory recipes to sweeten up your gastronomic creations with the distinctive raisin-caramel taste! Pour it over ice-cream, yoghurt, porridge or drink it still as a healthy everyday boost! (1 tablespoon contains 30% of your daily iron intake!) When it comes to cooking, your creativity is the limit! Create tasty salad dressings (e.g. Vinegraitte) and add it to your sponge cakes, biscuits and other sweet or savory recipes.

Kontogiannis Family Organic Grape syrup got awarded with one golden star at the Great Taste Awards 2015. Judges commented: “Lovely rich dried grape aroma. Nicely viscous. There is good acidity to balance the syrupy sweetness, and the flavour of dried grapes is distinctive. We agree this would work well in all the suggested ways, and also as the base for a sparkling drink or alcoholic cocktail.”

100% natural grape juice concentrate.
No sugar added, no artificial colours, no sulfites, no additives.


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